Web Design vs Development

One of the things that many people misunderstand is the difference between web design and web development. It doesn’t help that many web design companies are now re-branding themselves as “social media strategy” companies to to to ride the newest most popular wave.

We’re going to make the differences clear so you can be more in control of your own web site.

Let’s think of your web site as a house for a few minutes.

Your house needs to be built properly, and be up to code. The foundation needs to be solid, and the roof made to withstand the forces of nature. This is similar to web development. Web development involves designing and writing the code that makes your web site work. It needs to be solid and secure, and be coded so the search engines find you.

But, four walls and a roof aren’t enough for most people. You want a house that has a layout that makes sense and is attractive. You wouldn’t want a toilet in the center of the living room or a picture window in front of your toilet. So, somebody draws up blueprints showing the layout. Somebody also chooses paint color and decor. This is similar to web design. Web design involves laying out your web site and choosing attractive appropriate visuals.

Both of these components are important to a good web site. A poorly developed web site might fail, or be insecure, or never get you good search engine rankings. A poorly designed web site will make you look unprofessional and harm your customer’s confidence in you.

This is why MetaActive places equal emphasis on both sides. We are a web design and a web development company. We’re not going to sell you on tens of thousands of dollars of social media strategy that you don’t need if your web site stinks.

Get your house in order first, then think about adding a helipad.

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