Maine Small Business Web Design News

Web Design vs Development

Posted on: by John Moore

One of the things that many people misunderstand is the difference between web design and web development. It doesn’t help that many web design companies are now re-branding themselves as “social media strategy” companies to to to ride the newest most popular wave.

We’re going to make the differences clear so you can be more in control of your own web site.

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Inexpensive Web Conference System

Posted on: by John Moore

We’ve been looking at web conference systems for small businesses, because holding webinars and web conferences are an excellent way of gaining new business. The problem is that most systems are cost prohibitive for small businesses.

However we found a new system that has prices that make web conferencing an affordable tool for any small business owner.

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Why Your Small Business Shouldn’t Have a Flash Web Site

Posted on: by John Moore

If you’re non-technical, Flash is a cool browser plug-in that adds interactive animation, video, and sound to web sites. You’ve probably seen some very pretty or very cool flash-based web sites. However, for most small businesses, building your site with Flash is virtual poison. Generally, you should avoid putting content, navigation, and crucial functionality into Flash.

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Maine Small Business Owners – Here’s A Great Tip

Posted on: by John Moore

Yesterday, my wife and I drove around for an hour in freezing rain looking for a business, and almost turned back. Road conditions were terrible, and we got lost a couple of times (even with our GPS). This business almost lost us as a customer.


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Do you need a mobile web site?

Posted on: by John Moore

Cell Phone CamerasAs a Maine small business owner, is a mobile web site a good investment or a waste of dollars?

Forrester research estimates that, by 2015, 45% of all web users will own a smartphone. Smartphones are those little pocket computers like the iPhone, Android, and the Blackberry. They’re getting cheaper, there’s more competition, and everyone is buying them. So, should you look forward and invest in building a mobile web site for your business?

Not necessarily.

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