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Search Engine Optimization

SEO Is Extremely Important, But It Isn’t Black Magic

There are no secrets to SEO, there’s no magic to getting a good listing in Google, Bing, or Yahoo. Search Engine Optimization is simply a properly executed combination of research, technology, content development and analysis.

Good search engine results take time (in most cases at least 6 months). Any company trying to sell you instant search engine success is lying or using dangerous “Black Hat” techniques which may get you totally banned from search engines.

Keyword Research

Good SEO is built around great keyword research. This is where MetaActive finds the words and phrases that your customers are most likely to bring customers to you from Google.

This is an important distinction. Many companies can find “long-tail” keywords which can bring a load of traffic to your web site. Do you need web traffic or paying customers? Good keyword and keyphrase research combines customer intelligence with search engine analysis. That exactly where MetaActive shines.


The code behind your web site plays an enormous part in how well the search engines treat your site. Like MetaActive, many web development companies will build your web site on top of WordPress (a great content management system). This will give you a great foundation for SEO friendly code.

However, this is where most firms stop. MetaActive will then totally customize your installation, theme, templates, and plugins to maximize your search engine visibility.

You need to be sure search engines find your web site, index it without error, and understand what your site is about.

Content Development

Search engines love content. Fresh, relevant content on your web site is like candy to the search engines. Most companies need assistance with content – what do you write on each page of your web site?

MetaActive can help you design an outline for your content and site structure that makes sense to human beings (your customers) and to search engines alike). If you need someone to actually write the content for you, we maintain relationships with skilled SEO copywriters who can help.

Blogs and blogging are the secret weapons of small business SEO. By their very nature, blogs are fresh and relevant. A web site built by MetaActive includes a free, customized, search engine optimized blog for your business.

Don’t be intimidated by blogging!

If you can write an email, you have all the technical skill you need to blog. If you don’t know what to write, our SEO services will suggest topics to get you going. Want to outsource the whole thing? We’ll qualify and manage copywriters for you,. There are no more excuses!


Search Engine Optimization efforts are a marathon – not a sprint. Results take time are are dependent on the schedules of the search engines. The smart thing to do is to analyze results, traffic and conversions and make adjustments over time.

So, whether you are having MetaActive build you a new web site, or you need SEO services for an existing site – we can help.

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