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Web Design

Your Web Site Is The Face That Most of The World Sees

Web DesignA professional web design is going to make you look good to your customers. When you look good, customers feel confident and are more likely to buy from you. However, good design goes beyond just a pretty face…

MetaActive specializes in building profitable web sites for Maine small businesses like yours. The elements of our design process can include:

Search Engine Optimization

Good web site design should begin and end with search engine optimization. If customers can’t find you, they can’t buy from you. Turn your web site from an expense into an asset. Proper SEO is the first step to making your web site into a profit generating engine.

Branding And Design

Your web site design must be consistent with your branding. This goes beyond colors and logos. Your brand is a message that either attracts or repels customers. MetaActive will help you extend, refine, and your brand through your web site and draw customers to you.

Elements of good design include color, typography, logo, images, even space on the page. We engage some of the best designers in the world and focus on giving you the image you need to succeed.

Coding and Web Development

Let’s talk a little about the technical stuff … I promise we’ll be gentle.

Many design firms or marketing and strategy firms can make pretty designs, but they lack the technical talent to give you the most out of your web site investment. MetaActive comes from a solid technical background. Our lead engineer has been building rock-solid web sites since before most people had even heard the word “Internet”.

What could happen if that hyper-expensive marketing and strategy agency gets your code wrong, or makes an installation mistake?

Improperly coded web design can:

  • Hurt your search engine rankings – sucking customers away from you
  • Be difficult to update – costing you hundreds or thousands of dollars for even the most simple change
  • Be insecure – making your site hacker-bait for people to do all kinds of nasty things
  • Fail in mobile browsers – customers on their iPhones, Androids, or Blackberries will go to your competition
  • Be based on outdated coding standards – this creates a nightmare where search engines and newer browsers won’t treat your site with much respect

A web site designed and built by MetaActive takes ALL these things into consideration, so you can be confident your web site is built right from the start.

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