Wordpress isn't just for blogs anymore, this top CMS can power your whole web site. You need experts like us to do it professionally and securely.

WordPress CMS Setup

There’s a reason why WordPress has become the worlds most popular Content Management System. It gives small business owners the following:

  1. It’s easy to update content – making changes to the text on your web site can be as easy as writing an email.
  2. It’s extremely flexible - it doesn’t matter if you need a online shopping cart, gallery, or brochure – it’s easy (as in inexpensive) with WordPress.
  3. It can be optimized for search engines – When set up correctly, WordPress can be your SEO machine. This is very important for small businesses.
  4. It can look like whatever you want – WordPress uses themes which allow the look of the web site to be changed easily.

So, why use MetaActive to Install WordPress for your Small Business

The WordPress install is relatively easy and installing the software itself only takes about 5 minutes. In fact, many web hosts will install WordPress for you or give you a “one click install”.

So why do you need somebody to do it for you?


The main problems with these “out of the box” installs is that they are insecure. We have seen WordPress installs by supposedly top consultants which had glaring security holes.

Hackers running scripts can easily find these holes and turn your WordPress based web site into a clearinghose for selling black market, Eastern European Viagra. We’ve seen it happen.

MetaActive’s expertise in securing WordPress installs will help keep your company and its web site safe.safe

Plugin Installation

The second thing that makes WordPress powerful is it’s use of plugins. There are literally thousands of plugins that help with things from design to SEO. You want to make sure you have the right plugins, that they don’t conflict with eachother, and that they’re installed and configured correctly.

You need MetaActive’s WordPress expertise to set this up for you.


From the look and feel of your web site to customizing it’s functionality – MetaActive’s expertise in WordPress can make your web site the best it can be at generating new business for you.

MetaActive can ensure that your WordPress web site is set up for maximum search engine optimization, that it’s secure, and that it makes you look good. When all of these things come together, your customers will be more confident. When customers are more confident, they are more likely to buy.

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